YouTube TV

For years cable TV companies had a stranglehold on the market, and their options and pricing were all you had to choose from. But thanks to technology, the age of the consumer is here! As long as you have a decent internet connection and a way to bring it to your TV, the current market can greatly expand your TV purchasing options. Many alternatives have emerged in the TV/Movie streaming space, and YouTube has come out with a great TV streaming option in YouTube TV.

YouTube TV doesn’t require a contract and costs $49.99/month. At first glance this price may seem high compared to other competitors in the market, but YouTube TV is shareable across up to 6 Google accounts. This averages out to $8.33/month when split amongst 6 accounts, making the service much more affordable. It includes over 70 channels, with the channel mix being one of its strong points.

Live sports has always been a foundational argument for the need for live TV access, and YouTube TV has all of the bases covered. The service has eighteen sports channels including four ESPN channels, FS1 and FS2, MLB Network, NBA TV, Golf Channel, and Tennis Channel among several others.

The package also includes thirty “Lifestyle” Channels, which has many household names including: E!, Food Network, HGTV, AMC, Bravo, three FX channels, TNT, TBS, USA, and many others. For the lovers of news and politics, YouTube TV carries fourteen news channels including CNN, FOX News and FOX Business, two BBC channels, two CNBC channels, and MSNBC among others. Kids aren’t forgotten either, with three different Disney channels and Cartoon Network on the platform as well. Major local networks are also carried, with options depending on your location.

One of the strongest selling points for the service is that it offers unlimited DVR space, setting it apart from competitors as the only such option. So no more DVR purges, or the marital strife that they create! With the options that abound, finding a TV provider has now become a personalized decision. But for those who want unlimited DVR, a robust channel selection, and have a few friends to share it with, YouTube TV just might be the right option!