What’s new with vehicle entertainment

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connect your vehicle’s infotainment screen with the operating system of your device. This usually requires a cable, but updated versions are starting to be released that are now offering it wirelessly. That’s my only complaint about the older models is the annoying cable in the way, but that’s only something minor to complain about as to the features you gain. These two programs allow you to access your phone’s contacts, messaging, music and even navigation apps (Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze) directly from your device. The tech makes driving safer by minimizing distractions, at least according to Google and the AAAFoundation for Traffic Safety. The two were developed to encourage motorists to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the steering wheel. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow you to have at your disposal many of your phone’s modern features. Without it, many of us are stuck with vehicles running outdated navigation systems, and navigation is where the main benefits of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are realized. Instead of being stuck with old, limited features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow you to experience web-based search results and the latest apps and navigation features. With older Android Auto and Apple CarPlay also allow you to send and receive text messages using your devices assistant(google or Siri) which I found it a major help for me since I have a manual transmission as my daily driver. One of the best reasons to have this is not having to go in and pay the dealership to upgrade your navigation every so often. With Android Auto and Apple Carplay, your infotainment system will always be updated without dishing out hundreds of dollars and spending hours in the service center just to have updated navigation that will still be inferior. Not only does the navigation get updated, but the whole system does. You will be able to see your playlist for whatever apps you have on your phone like Spotify, Pandora, Apple music, etc. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have been on the market for several years now and we’re getting to the point where more vehicles offer this functionality from the factory than don’t. They also have many aftermarket radios that you can purchase for people that have dinosaur cars like me or that don’t want this technology. I absolutely recommend one or the other software preinstalled when looking for a new vehicle. They are constantly adding compatible apps and seeing the aftermarket radios starting at a little over $100 I say it will save you time and money in the long run.