The View of Trading: An advanced stock chart

Advancements in technology have had ripple effects across a multitude of industries in the last couple of decades, with the financial sector certainly not being an exception. There is a constant battle amongst competitors who seek to add users to their stock trading and charting platforms. One of the least talked about competitors in the world of stock charting is a company called Trading View, which provides a web-based stock charting platform. If you’re unfamiliar with Trading View and all of its features, stick around to find out why you should be leveraging this robust platform.

One of the advantages of using Trading View is the ease with which users can see the charts and individual candles on the platform. Unlike many of their competitors who force the user to pick the candle duration (1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, etc.) and the overall chart timeframe (30 day, 60 day, 180 day, 1 year, 5 year, etc.), Trading View only requires that users pick the aforementioned candle duration and then gives them the option to adjust the chart time frame using their mouse’s scroll wheel. The advantage to this seemingly insignificant detail is that users can zoom in to see just a few candles and zoom out to see multiple years of data in a matter of seconds. This helps users recognize both long and short-term patterns with greater ease, and without time consuming chart manipulation like other platforms, which leads to more efficient and accurate charting and ultimately more profitable trades.

Trading View also boasts a robust availability of charts users can access, from Stocks and ETFs from all of the major worldwide exchanges, to all of the major FOREX and Cryptocurrency pairs. The platform also includes a full suite of technical indicators, drawing tools, stock screening capability, the ability to connect to your brokerage account, real-time news access and financial information to fully equip both the technical and fundamental trader. The site is free to use at a base level, with three additional levels of paid plans to give you progressively more access to the simultaneous use of indicators, alerts and chart layouts. If you’re looking to take your charting to the next level, check out Trading View’s Free 30-Day Trial to experience all it has to offer.