The Logitech G502 Mouse

Recently I had to replace my mouse after a long history with the Logitech G9, a mouse I used every day for almost eight years.  As someone who works on computer ergonomics and how the mouse fees are very important to me in my day-to-day use of any computer peripheral however the two most important are my mouse and keyboard.  After a quick look around at various reviews and what was on sale I landed on the Logitech G502.  After a month or two with the G502 I can confidently say that after some tweaks I am comfortable with the mouse both in function and design. 

Immediately after installing the mouse, I found myself hitting buttons that I didn’t have on my previous mouse. This caused some confusion as well as wondering the practicality of so many buttons.  After looking into the software I found that I could disable or reassign mappings to any of the seven buttons. Right out of the gate I disabled the thumb button which defaults to double click as well as the buttons just to the left of the left click.  These two buttons are assigned to change the mouse’s DPI sensitivity on the fly, something I found myself not needing to ever do. Of course, these buttons could be reassigned to do many different things but I felt the base actions of a mouse are the most important. Right off the bat, these changes helped the G502 to grow on me.  

What I really love about the G502 is the feel in my hand as well as the smoothness and operation of the mouse scroll.  I like the ability to have it ‘click’ or for it to roll smoothly as I search for what I am looking for in either a document or a webpage.  The feel when clicking on the left or right mouse button is firm and crisp, something that you never appreciate until you travel with a cheap $10 Bluetooth mouse.  Out of all the features, the G502 has my favorite is the little ledge underneath your thumb. This increases my comfort with the mouse exponentially as well as getting my entire hand off the desk when I am operating the mouse.  This allows my comfort level to stay high under daily use with the G502. 

The G502 I think will work well for both small hands and big hands.  As someone with a larger hand, I did find myself “reaching over” the mouse when I first got it but have since adjusted and have found that happening less and less as I use the mouse more often.  If you are in the market for an ergonomic wired mouse, you can’t go wrong with the G502 from Logitech.