Tesla Model S Performance

Some people are car people, they eat, sleep, think about cars all the time. Admittedly I wasn’t a car person until I experienced a Tesla performance first hand.

The raw acceleration and thrill of driving this car is out of this world. I have had friends call it a spaceship because it feels like riding in something so foreign and different that it changes your perspective on what a car is and what a car can be. People comment on the lack of engine noise and the feeling it produces when you are so used to a combustion engine vehicle. People also seem to make a big deal of the massive dash touchscreen that rivals most people’s laptops in size and capability. When you drive this car it does feel like something out of a movie produced in the fifties, it feels like the future has finally arrived.

This car can drive itself. That is not a ridiculous statement of weirdness, it’s simply the truth. Autopilot functions allow you to give steering and even navigation control over to the car for a significant amount of time while driving on well-marked highways (and well-marked is an important factor). The over-the-air updates (OTA) to the car roll in weekly sometimes. In the past you would have to pay the dealership hundreds of dollars just to get them to update the navigational maps on your vehicle, it truly is a different experience. The car even comes with a music streaming service automatically and LTE data coverage that you don’t have to pay for.

Most high-end models come with a range of slightly over 300 miles on a single charge which is plenty for most owners. If you did want to take a trip cross country you still can though, by using the Tesla supercharging network that has thousands of locations across America and Europe.

Oh yeah, did I mention the Model S performance goes 0-60 in 2.4 seconds?

Outside of the range, the only downside here is the price tag. Costing you anywhere from $75,000 to $133,000 for one. That’s a lot, considering that it’s a four-door sedan, but man what a piece of hardware you won’t ever be sad you bought.

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