(Tesla) Cybertruck release

Elon Musk has been touting and speculating on the new offering from Tesla dubbed the “cybertruck” for more than a few years now.  Thursday night meant the wait is finally over (at least for what it will look like as well as its starting price and major features.)

The event was a classic Tesla reveal event, provided shock, intrigue, and in many ways more questions than answers.  The night was a giant hype event that did not disappoint with its shocking design choices. It is safe to say that when Elon said that “there is nothing on the market that is even close to it, and he was not lying.  The jokes immediately started piling up on how the truck’s lines and look makes it seem like a “low-poly” render of a car.

The Event reveal claimed the body is made out of cold roll steel and showed images of a 9mm bullet not even putting a hole in the material. To demonstrate the strength of the body they took a sledgehammer to the door showing no signs of dents afterward. When they turned their attention to the windows, however, they did not perform nearly as well, both shattering at the ball bearing that was tossed their way.

The number of questions left unanswered is staggering, but the biggest is an actual release date.  Even with all the unknowns over 250,000 preorders have happened since the announcement. At 100 dollars a pop, the company has already received 25 million in preorder funds as well as potential revenue of nearly 10 billion dollars from its future sales.

The truck insides are just as extreme as its exterior.  Having an incredibly futuristic look and seating 6 with front and rear bench seating.  The model comes in three levels, single, dual, and tri-motor options. The most expensive version starts at $69,000 and has over a 500-mile range with a 14,000-pound towing capacity.  From Musk’s twitter, he informed the public that nearly 50% of the orders are for the tri-motor option.

cybertruck interior

A lot of what Tesla is promising with this new model is impressive work numbers, things that will help push the commercial use of electric vehicles, but the biggest question mark is just how long will people be willing to wait for this beast to be in production?  It might be the Truck of tomorrow, but with an estimated 2 year waiting period till production, it certainly isn’t the truck of today.