Switch your Dual-monitor setup for something better

So many people in the world have realized that two monitor setups allow you to get more done and become far more efficient with work.  Virtually any task that requires more than one screen full of information allows for a faster better experience. As this number has grown in recent years the market for monitor add-ons has expanded to try to help users reclaim more of their desks and yet still allows for the same helpful utility that the setup offers.

What if you could have your cake and eat it too? What if you could have the same helpful function of a dual monitor setup but reduce almost all of the downsides?  Downsides include, two monitor bases taking up desk room, huge bezels having a giant edge separating the two monitors, and of course a minimum of four cables running to your computer and power outlets. Not to mention the annoying reality of trying to get the separate monitors to line up properly so as to not give the OCD workers a never-ending panic attack due to the fact that they are often impossible to line up straight.

The solution is the new Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved Monitor.

It is literally designed to pack the two monitor setup into one piece that negates all of the worst parts of having to deal with two sperate monitors.  

The simple ease of being able to adjust the height and not worry about alignment alone saves a lot of grief.  The setup also allows for users who only have one monitor output to use this and it function as two. Out of all the good things that this monitor allows there is one reality that stands far above the rest, and that is the missing bevel down the middle of the monitor, our eyes naturally want to find the middle of things, and when you have two monitors you always have to have your head tilted one way or another.  This beautiful monitor lets you look in any direction (especially straight) without having an obstructed view. The monitor comes with 5120×1440 resolution and is LED-backlit with and IPS panel.

At 1,279.99 its truly worth your investment to upgrade to a single (dual) monitor.

Dell UltraSharp 49