Surface Studio 2 – Not cheap

Every once and a while its worth it to splurge on something you don’t really need but really want. Most of the time though when we stretch our budgets to get something it often is a let down because of all the hype we put into the product. Thus meaning the products that we stretch for really need to be products worth stretching for. That is easier said than done on most days, but every once in awhile comes along a product so cool that it tips the scales and regardless of how expensive it is, it is still worth it to some to buy.

Microsoft has just released an updated version of their Surface studio released in 2016 and the outcome is nothing short of beautiful. It does things you wouldn’t expect a normal PC to be able to do. The show stopper is the fact that it turns from a desktop PC into a drafting touch screen work/art machine in one second. It’s hard to describe just how functional this device is when converted to a drafting PC, it flawlessly recognizes your and as your hand and the stylist as the writing tool at all times allowing you to feel as though you are writing or drawing on paper. The software mixed with the specifically designed hardware is nothing short of awesome, and deserves to be praised for the innovative reality.

As beautiful and power of a machine it is, It still has that one thing going against it. It is expensive. Price starts at $3,500 and tops out at $4,500 for max Ram (32 gb) and hard drive space (2tb). For artists and max users its hard to imagine not wanting 32 gigs of RAM, so realistically the base price of this unit is the $4,100 version.

Another major factor is ease of use and clean desk that this system allows you to have. You plug it in, that’s it. It comes with a stylist and a wireless mouse and keyboard that are downright gorgeous on the right desk. For anyone who cares about surrounding aesthetics and just general professional clean feel this thing should be on their radar. It is power, elegance, and fun wrapped in a beautiful package, we all just wish it was a cheaper package.

For the right person, the Surface Studio’s cool factor and utility are totally worth the expense.