Say goodbye to house keys

Everyone has had the frustrating experience of getting to the door and it being locked but you find yourself without keys to open it. Losing or misplacing your keys possibly one of the most frustrating things we as modern privileged humans go through.

The upsides to a keypad lock are not just the ability to go keyless. Almost all of the keypad locks allow for multiple codes, allowing for users to have an easier time sharing codes that are designed to be used as one-offs so that people who you only marginally trust can have temporary access. Another huge advantage is the illuminated keys, we have all had the problem of not being able to get the key into the slot due to it simply being too dark outside to see. (incredibly frustrating experience by the way) The locks are safer as well, because many people who hand lock their homes they use the doorknob lock and not the deadbolt, but we all know the deadbolt is far harder to get through than a simple knob lock. The time to lock it is nearly the same if not potentially easier due to the fact that oftentimes when people lock from the knob they have to set the lock and then check to ensure it locked properly once closed.

If you are going to be smart and make the leap the brand is the biggest decision you have here.  Schlage is in our opinion the best on the market, but Kwikset produces mid-tier products that last for a cheaper price point.  Outside of brand you need to choose metal styling and also if you want the mechanical auto lock that can connect to smart home devices and or wifi.  If you are technically inclined it’s fine to go with the more advanced offerings, but just remember the more complicated it is the more chances it has to fail.

So in conclusion, Keypad locks are safer, simpler, more useful in all sorts of situations, and help you not jab your side or rip holes into your pant pockets. Stop pretending this is 1955 and you need to use keys to be safe and secure. Don’t wait, no time like the present to make your daily life better NOW.

Schlage manual keyless door lock

Schlage auto keyless door lock