Samsung Note 10+ is Huge

If you love big-screen phones that are packed with amazing cameras and amazing hardware configuration, and a battery life that enables you to work more in the day without worry, then the Note 10 plus is made for you.

I get your reservation about an online review about something that is so personal to each user, the mobile phone is used so often in daily life that it has become a part of most people, it is effectively an extension of our person. The demands of modern life have created a situation where we are dependent on mobile phones, not as a want, but as a need. It has come to the point where if we are expected to operate in any normal fashion we have to have a smartphone. It is far more than texting that is the demand now, navigation, scheduling, general problem solving, it is all part of the minimal expectations of a working person’s smartphone capabilities.

The Note allows for all the standards consumers expect and so much more. It’s hard to imagine a better camera option than this phone. It has 3 main cameras on the back that produce optical zoom, night imaging, and simply better photos overall. In my testing, I was simply stunned by the images the cameras produced. For most of us, our ability to take meaningful photos that are vivid and clear make a big difference for our memories and our willingness to share (and brag about them too)

The screen is in our opinion the biggest size you can make a modern phone and it is not too big. There is easy thought by designers in this modern age to just make things bigger and better, but sometimes the tradeoff between mobility and size is hard to balance but this Note feels perfectly calculated. Samsung also managed to get rid of the power button on the right and replace the infamous Bixby button with the new power button on the left.

The show stopper though for this device is the unique abilities that the new Note pen allows you to do. You can use it as a presentation control, a writing tool, a precise screen editing tool, or our favorite a remote camera control (the button allows users to take photos with your off-hand to get better more stable photos)

Simply put this phone is EPIC, everything about it was well thought out and just makes so much sense, from speedy charging, to powerful processing, this is the kind of phone that is worth the over one thousand dollar price tag.