Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is out now

With the original Galaxy Active released about 7 months ago Samsung felt like the upgrade was needed to add new sensors and make this update more accurate than its predecessors. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks and feels a lot like its previous counterpart both have a circular AMOLED touchscreen, but the Active 2 now comes in two sizes either a 40mm or 44mm both larger displays compared to the original active and adds an LTE option, all models have an ECG sensor, as well as different finishes. Here are some of the new features of the Galaxy active Watch 2.


40mm starting at 279.99

44mm starting at 299.99


The aluminum version is available in black, silver or pink

stainless-steel version comes in silver, black or gold finish

Added features

Both new Galaxy Watch active 2 watch sizes feature LTE options, as well as multiple finishes including lightweight aluminum including a synthetic rubber band and the solid stainless steel version with a leather strap. The Active 2’s Bluetooth has been updated to Bluetooth 5.0 from the original Actives 4.2

Heart rate sensors

Samsung worked on making the Active 2 heart rate sensors be more accurate by giving it 8 sensors compared to only 5 from the original Active watch.

Electrocardiogram sensor(ECG)

It is a pulse-sensing photodiodes sensor that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat and can alert you if it’s to High or too low, but is being tested by the FDA to be approved. Should be activated early 2020


40mm 247mAh battery

44mm 340mAh battery


Unlike its predecessor, Samsung added a speaker so you can make and receive Bluetooth phone calls without having to pick up your phone.

Touch Bezel

The original galaxy watch released in 2018, had a physical rotating bezel and was removed from the original Active. The original Galaxy Active had you use the screen and buttons to navigate around, well It has somewhat made a return with the Active 2. Instead of a physical dial, you just slide your fingers around the edge of the screen to scroll through menus like the original Galaxy Watch. As you slide your fingers around the touch bezel the watch gives haptic feedback to make it feel like you have a physical dial there.

Compatible devices

All android compatible phones will give you full features when connected

Apple phones are also compatible, but with limited features

Galaxy Active 2 Comparison to the original active