Roku might be the go-to for streaming stick

As the United States moves away from the traditional Cable Set Top Box model for consuming cable television, lots of various alternatives have popped up allowing the modern-day consumer to watch streaming video.  You see it every day whether it is a Smart TV, Apple, TV, Android box, or Roku. In the times of intense competition between various streaming providers, it is essential to look at a third party option to consume your streaming media.  That is why I consistently go with Roku’s lineup of streaming boxes.  

My current go-to is the Roku Streaming Stick with TV control. Even though most of my televisions have some sort of smart features in them, I usually find the control tedious and compatibility troublesome for most.  With the Streaming Stick, everything is put into your hand with a remote to control the volume as well as turn on and off your TV. This makes it a fluid experience for the user as well as keeps everything on one remote.  

The Roku is my main choice for a couple of reasons. The main being that as various hardware manufacturers compete with their own streaming platforms, that same competition will work to keep you locked out of different apps. It was not until 2017 that Apple allowed Amazon Video onto its Apple TV.  With the Roku acting as a neutral provider almost all streaming apps are available on the Roku using the same platform. One notable exception to this is any Apple streaming. Like most of their devices, Apple requires an in house product (in this case the Apple TV) to be able to stream your iTunes content.  

Another big feature of the Roku that I like is the fact you can use your phone as headphones for anything playing on your TV. If you have a spouse who likes to sleep while you watch TV this is a game changer. It allows you to have private listening of your content to headphones connected or paired to your mobile device.  Lately, I have also bought TCL’s Roku TV to give my family an easy and straightforward way to stream to smaller TVs at a reasonable price. My current favorite Roku TC for 40” is the 40S325. At $200 you can’t go wrong for a bedroom or secondary TV anywhere through your house.  If you are looking for a way to stream content from almost every provider in an easy and user friendly way I would look no further than the Roku Streaming Sticks and Roku TVs.