purchased the Basic Dell XPS 13 and well I love it

Bias Disclaimer:

  • I have worked on and used Dell laptops for more than ten years
  • I prefer non touch screen when possible over touchscreen/tablet like devices.
  • I was looking for a laptop for mobile work and plane travel
  • I  was aiming to spend under 1,000 if possible.

 When you are looking for a laptop because of the wide array of options the market is flooded with more tablet-type options like the Surface Pro and more traditional laptops like Dell XPS 13. I, personally, have a lot of experience with laptops for corporate roles of Desktop support tech in the past. I have a lot of experience repairing fixing Dell laptops, Dell desktops, HP Desktop, and Laptops, also I worked on Surface Pro at Hospital and MacBook Air and Pro at my last company a couple of years ago. For all of the laptops above, I have worked on myself doing troubleshooting on the windows laptops and going to the Apple store, and talking to AppleCare via chat and the phone for MacBooks. I mention these past experiences to explain my preference for Dell laptops.

I have worked on Dells, supported issue they experienced and have replaced memory modules, swapped HDD or in Dell XPS swapped M.2 SSDs. There has been a lot of work performed at my last job on a Dell XPS 15 with top-of-the-line specs. I personally owned a Dell XPS 11 from 2015. The Dell XPS laptops have been good to me and I am a proud owner of Dell products. I have a bias towards Dell, and I would love to tell you what my needs were and why I chose to buy the Dell XPS 13 laptop in August.

I first needed a laptop that was considered Ultrabook status, fitting my needs for travel on airplanes and has a good battery life. Things I would be doing on my laptop: reading news stories, emailing and chatting with employees and contractors, I would also need to remote into servers or my desktop at home for more intense work needing to be done. This means I won’t be running VM’s from the laptop or would I be playing any computer game (GPU Intensive Games) nor would I be trying to have 100 Chrome tabs running my memory into the ground. The need was simple and was not required for daily use, more like use when the situation calls for it. I am looking for a laptop that would last about 3 and a half years before breaking or needing to upgraded. This means to me I am looking for the least possible moving parts like a touchscreen or detachable keyboards or any kind of Dock system for multiple monitors wouldn’t be needed.

The more money spent on the laptop in question the greater the potential for issues and potential to buy a laptop that wasn’t being used for its potential. Here are some of the things I considered before purchasing. I didn’t want to pay more than 1,000 dollars, so no large SSD drive sizes, no need for large physical memory on the computer 8GB works good for my needs. I also didn’t want to have any added graphics on the laptop because it is not necessary for my needs of the laptop, I can do them on my gaming Desktop i needed. I really didn’t want the touch screen on the laptop either I think if you are buying a normal laptop why would I need a touch screen as well, a keyboard and trackpad would serve all my needs and they are what I am most familiar with. There was a thought of getting a Dell XPS 15 but after traveling with my old Dell XPS 15 to San Francisco twice and Las Vegas for work the Dell XPS 15 is not ideal for plane travel at all. The tray for your laptop is too small and impossible to use the they with my old Dell XPS 15 laptop. I had travel in mind and wanted ultra portability but also can write a lot of text on the laptop which means traditional keyboard would be nice.

This Dell XPS 13 I chose was CPU: i5 intel, 8GB memory, 256GB SSD. These were downgraded spec but were at the price I wanted. I spent only $865.99 when I walked out of the store. The battery life of the laptop is amazing and a huge plus for the Dell XPS 13 and it makes my life a lot easier not having to go plug in the laptop every day if I just want to use it for an hour or so. I love the size of the internal keyboard it’s perfect for my reach in typing and it didn’t take any time to get used to the length of keys. I love the placement of the webcam which is why I didn’t buy a Dell XPS 13 earlier. I have no complaints for the laptop currently and have had it since the beginning of August. This is the overall package of sensible laptop for a user only looking for a good laptop not a touch screen hybrid type on Windows operating system.