There are all sorts of common and not so common lurgies we can catch now, from colds to airborne bugs we can come into contact from just by going outside, or to a packed environment like a social hall for a group gathering or a similar place.

A friend of mine works at a hospital on a critical care ward, she calls anything we can pick up “uger bugers”. It is a rosey sounding reference to some serious biological effects than can cause us a lot of trouble, potentially the end result could be death in some cases!

Most everyday “uger bugers” (pronounced “ooga boogas” – can be prevented against, the washing of hands to remove visible (dirt) and invisible (to the naked eye) germs to prevent cross-contamination, say, after visiting the toilet. Same as if you suffer a cut to your hand whilst chopping vegetables, we know to keep the wound site clean and cover it, then keep it dry and away from sources of possible contamination, after some days the wound is then on its way to being fully healed. So we can prevent against possible illness with the use of soap water, or a plaster.

We can see the problem with everyday issues and their remedies as the above what about the “uger bugers” we cannot see? Wavelengths can be both good and bad, a bit like friendly and harmful bacteria. The electromagnetic radiation spectrum has many types:

Radio waves – From astronomy to long range communications with two way systems and radio broadcasts we can access via a receiving device like a ‘tuner’, or collectively known as a ‘radio’. These are not harmful but beneficial.

Micro waves – These radio waves are intrinsically of very short range, most are just centimetres in their use such as those in microwave ovens for fast cooking. They are also used for outside communication as their frequencies are very high and so can penetrate obstacles that would normally interfere with radio waves such as clouds, smoke and rain. They are also the backbone to RADAR.

Infrared radiation/Ultraviolet – This is a range of the spectrum which we cannot see with the naked eye but assists us everyday with the transmitters in remote controls, night vision LEDS in CCTV systems, science research installations, even those ‘black-lights’ in night clubs. Infrared is simply heat being transmitted. It is not harmful in everyday use but prolonged exposure can cause eye as well as cell damage/mutation.

Visible light – This is what we can see, there is background radiation and ultraviolet light contained too, good sunglasses have UV protection on a layer to protect your eyes from being damaged.

X-Rays – We can produce these on earth with research machine in laboratories and health centers for wellbeing such as dentists and hospitals. The sun and universe produce these naturally too. In the right environment they are beneficial but ultimately, they are unstoppable if coming from space and could be harmful in strong bursts.

Gamma Rays (ionizing) – These are a wave, not a particle like Alpha and Beta radiation, it is the most penetrating and cannot be stopped by aluminium, but can be minimized then stopped if required by lead, steel or concrete.. Gamma radiation is harmful.

We cannot get away from electromagnetic radiation, The Sun, electrical lights illuminating around us, radio antennas sending out broadcasts the world over, people everywhere, houses and their entire contents – everything buzzes with it. Even ice cubes in a drink!
Everything in the universe produces electromagnetic radiation.

So what’s the problem? Well, you would not stand next to a mildly exposed nuclear reactor would you – if only for a minute? The difference with a high exposure rate to a longer lower one is pretty much the same over time.

Cumulative radiation builds up in you and so it is best to minimize your exposure if you can.

The naughty types of radiation, or those that are not good for us such as fuel leaks from nuclear power plants or dirty bombs are the most harmful but can be detected with the use of a Nuclear Geiger counter such as the GMC 320+ – if it goes over 50 counts (or disintegrations) per minute, it is time to investigate why and possibly evacuate the area if extreme confirmed readings. That is hopefully a non-existent problem.

There are still however radio and electromagnetic risks from overhead power lines, mobile phones (being close to the body) & even more so with 5G, Smart meters for electricity as they transmit data all the time – and a bunch of them together adds up exposure massively. Even wifi routers produce radio waves.. Tools to check areas are with us and accessible.

You can easily see the exposure of both radio and electromagnetic waves with the ‘Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector / EMF Meter, LIUMY Handheld Mini Digital LCD EMF Detector Dosimeter Tester Counter, Magnetic Field Radiation Detection’ unit from Amazon. With this you can detect and countermeasure against exposure, simply by turning some high powered devices off, or lining them with lead cases…