Phone cable that can change your life for under 20$

Most things in our lives have measured impact, almost everything we use and touch has varying degrees of utility and impression on our lives. It is the core utility items that have the biggest impact day in and day out. But sometimes something simple can result in a huge increase in quality of life and it cost be well beyond worth it.

For whatever reason the big wigs at Apple, Samsung, and countless other phone manufacturers include a 3ft charging cable with the purchase of one of their phones, even the top of the line versions come with a poultry three-foot cable. It’s beyond horrible. I have come to the belief that the designers just like to imagine people bent over at an airport trying to charge their phone while at the same time trying to not sit on an international airport floor that is cleaned once every four years, all while trying to just call home for an update.

Why you need a 10 ft charging cable

This is going to sound bold, and slightly ridiculous… I don’t think there is another product in modern history that has resulted in more direct grief saving than the 10-foot phone charger. Mobile phones have become one of the most used products in our lives. We take them everywhere, use them everywhere (even where we are not supposed to use them) and continue to grow in our dependence on them daily. As designers continue to add power and features while trying to keep it as light and small as possible the battery of these things just doesn’t last long enough if they are being used a lot. (and we all use them a lot) So alias the only way to make it through a long day is to charge it at some convenient point. Many people have resorted to having extra battery packs in their bags to achieve mobile charging which is a fair way to do it if you want to go that extra mile. But after a long day at work and running around with the family, after you’re showered and ready for bed but you still want to catch up on the news or just check out mentally for twenty minutes in bed and you reach over to your phone and you have 2% battery and your charger won’t reach. The amount of frustration that boils in you is hard to explain at this point, you just want to be comfortable and charge your phone at the same time.

Well welcome to modernity, you should stop everything you are doing, and buy a 10ft phone charger right NOW. Might I suggest the 3 pack?

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