Nintendo in 1988?

I remember the days of the original Nintendo NES game system.  I am too young to remember when we got it, but I do have fond memories of playing Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros 1-3Donkey Kong and many others in the late eighties and early nineties.  I learned many life lessons through gaming on the original NES, as I’m sure you did too.   Here are a few lessons I wanted to share that I think kids today miss out on when gaming on a computer, smartphone or one of the advanced game systems available.

Wait your turn

Patience is key for so many things in life.  One of my earliest memories of learning this is while waiting to play video games.  I’m not sure when 2 players could play at the same time, but I know we didn’t have any games that did that for a long time.  Being patient when my older sister was having a good run on Super Mario 3 was a painful but valuable lesson.

Some things in life cannot be paused

Mom interrupts your game to call you in for dinner, or needs to vacuum?  Too bad there is no such thing as pausing real life.

You may not be able to save for later

Saving games didn’t come around for many years and even then it was a pain with external storage required.  You better enjoy what you can now because not everything can be saved for later.

Go outside

Did the Nintendo freeze?  Already tried ejecting the game cassette and blowing on it?  Well, maybe it is time for a break anyway.  It is ok to take a break and go outside, get some frest air and time away from the TV or other screen.

Go See Friends

Now you can game online with anyone in the world, or your friend down the street.  It wasn’t possible then, and if you wanted to play together they had to come over.  Even if you can stay connected by SMS or Facebook, it is important to get together at times.