New Nuclear reactor

When Bill Gates takes a look at the problems of the world he sees opportunities where technology can be used to solve important complicated problems.

When someone says “Nuclear Energy” most people’s responses are a clear apprehension of thinking that is an actual solution to the world’s energy problems due to the fact that the majority of people believe it to be unsafe and not worth the risks vs the benefits.

Terra Power, backed by the famous Bill Gates, sees it differently. They believe that Nuclear power is the answer to the future exceedingly large demands of the global energy market.

The premise is simple: the demand for power outweighs the storage and production possibility by a large amount. Thus the belief is that the only real solution to preventing continued climate change is technical innovation that makes nuclear energy safe to use and is smart about the deployment and system in every step.

Introducing TWR – (Traveling Wave Reactor) This is a new kind of nuclear reactor that will hopefully set a new standard for safety when it comes to capturing nuclear power. The reactor operates with a far higher thermal efficiency and consumes uranium resources in a more efficient and cleaner way than ever before thought possible. This tech is so different that it uses fuel made from depleted uranium which the world currently considers waste and a bio-hazard. The trick is that it converts fuel through the nuclear reaction without removing it from the reactor’s core, which means the waste does not need to be reprocessed. This allows the reactor to produce more energy over a longer period of time more consistently than traditional reactors and, of course, is exponentially safer over time.

In today’s world, it seems the media has become a fear driver for politicians and mouthpieces alike. The PR struggle against Nuclear energy will continue to be an uphill battle until more can be proven in testing and evidence that delivers on theory.

For now, TerraPower waits for the US and Chinese tariff war to come to an end so that the company can co-operate with Beijing and build their first prototype and proof of concept.

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