Never lose your stuff again thanks to Tile

For years I have had the displeasure of being someone who lose everything. From having to buy a pack of socks once a month to replacing my sunglasses every two months it has hit me in the pocketbook hard over the years. One of the biggest inconveniences for me is getting ready to go somewhere and not being able to find my car keys. This has happened to me many times over the years and often puts dents in mine or my family’s plans. Last year for Christmas my wife got me a small device that attaches to my keys called a Tile. Over the last year, the Tile has saved me being late, or even missing an entire event due to lost keys.

The Tile allows you to open an app or use Alexa and emit a sound from the location of the keys, assuming you are in the range of the Tile’s Bluetooth. Although the Tile does not emit a blaring loud sound, if you are within earshot of a Tile you will hear its tone and be able to locate it quickly. This has become a game with my daughter who loves to ask Alexa to find the keys and locate them before we get in our car. Another nice feature is that if you have the Tile you can also quickly locate your phone by double tapping the Tile button.

Starting in 2018 Tile started to introduce Tile’s with replaceable batteries. Previous models required replacing the entire Tile if the battery ran out, which is a horrible design. Luckily the newer models include replaceable batteries which increases the value prop for the tiles tenfold for me. No longer does the Tile require replacing after a year of use. This year they Tile introduced the Tile Slim a device that is designed to fit into your wallet making it easy to find if misplaced somewhere in your home. I have not picked one up yet but it is on my Christmas list this year. With my keys, wallet, and phone all able to be ‘beeped’ by each other I can safely not have to worry about rushing out of my house while missing an important item of my daily routine. Tile has saved me many times over the year and I imagine will save me many more times in the years to come.