Never lose keys again with (Tile)

Always losing your keys, phone, or other items?  Tile might be a good choice for you.

Tile is a small Bluetooth device that attaches to your keys, cell phone, or anything else you want to try and keep track of.   Well, maybe you shouldn’t put one on your toddler, but most anything else can be tracked.

How Tile Works

When you lose your Tile equipped keys or other items, use the app on your phone, or log in on your computer to begin the easy process to find the keys.  Your app will show an approximate location, and the device will begin making a sound.

Or if you lose your phone, double press the logo on any of your Tile devices and your phone will begin ringing, even if the volume is off.

The new models, Mate and Pro have some great features over the original Slim trackers.  My favorite new feature is that the Mate and Pro now how replaceable batteries.  Although all Tile Bluetooth trackers are zero maintenance for one year, it seemed wasteful that they had to be discarded or upgraded at their end of life.  Tile premium offers free battery replacement.

Tile Premium

Tile Premium is a new monthly service that offers a number of new features.  Currently, Tile offers a free month trial, and then it is $29.99/year or $2.99 a month.

  • Smart Alerts – This is in Beta, but should be neat.
  • Free Battery Replacements – Awesome!
  • Location History
  • Unlimited Sharing – Great for letting friends or family help you find your stuff.
  • Extended Warranty
  • Premium Customer Care

With these premium features combined, you may find Tile Premium to be worth the monthly fee.

If you are a forgetful person or are constantly losing things around your house or office, Tile makes a great choice to help find things quicker.