Need a small gaming PC (Razer Tomahawk N1)

It’s a busy week in tech with CES 2020 going on.  In the tech world, CES is the end all and be all for almost all new tech in the world.  This year Razer has a new product that is sure to please the DIY computer builder short on space, or those who are looking to take a small step into DIY computer building.

Razer’s Tomahawk N1 is based on the popular Intel NUC footprint. NUC’s are smaller PCs with modular hard drives and ram allowing for easy upgrade and setup right out of the box.  They are a fan favorite for those wanting power without having to put up with a large computer case. The traditional downside to the NUC’s are the lack of space to install a graphics card.  All NUCs (until now) have been restricted to the onboard GPU of the chipset. The new Tomahawk N1 prototype has the space to fit a full-sized GPU. This creates a lot of flexibility for those in dorm rooms or who like to travel to LAN parties.

No longer bound by having to carry around a large desktop or having to purchase an expensive gaming laptop to get the GPU performance they are looking for. While plugging in a graphics card, ram, and hard drive may not qualify as a DIY pc build to some.  For others, it may be the perfect gateway into deeper more diverse builds that open up a world of other possibilities for the DIYer. The Razer Tomahawk N1 will deliver best in class graphics performance for those looking to save desk space while still maintaining the ability to upgrade core components down the line.

Razer did not announce a ship date at CES for the Tomahawk N1 however they have said to look for it to begin shipping in the first half of 2020 with a yet to be announced MSRP.