Laptop on the go (Surface Go)

Imagine an iPad that can you can actually work on, type on, and fit almost anywhere.  That’s what this laptop is, except it isn’t an iPad, it’s a Microsoft surface go.  

It isn’t accurate to call this a laptop, it really needs its own category, I’m going to assign it to the “Netbook touchpad for business and travel” category.  Ok, so that might not be the most practical categorical assignment for laptops but it certainly is accurate when it comes to its statements. Let’s get to the review and make sure you pay attention to the power-packed offering from Microsoft.

Price Point
$499.00 currently on amazon (here


Intel Pentium Gold, 8GB RAM, 128GB
Weight 1.15 lbs & 10-inch touch screen
9 hrs of unplugged battery life.


A lot can be said about this piece of hardware.  It is a very satisfying-looking laptop, the lines look brilliant and the removable cover/keyboard is more than practical it’s at the heart of what separates it from the competition. Put simply, given that it is lightweight, it’s amazing how premium and sturdy it feels in your hands.  The size is easily one of the best parts of it, it can easily fit into most mid-size purses, and any small backpack in existence can accommodate it. The ability to draw and create art on this thing is impressive, it picks up the stylist over your hand perfectly allowing you to focus on your creation and not holding your hand a certain way.  It also comes with varying degrees of price offerings that allow you to choose your needs when it comes to storage and RAM sizes. (it still operates very cleanly at only 4 Gigs of RAM)


The laptop still has some downsides. The biggest is the fact that you have to buy all of the necessary attachments to make it truly powerful and worth it to own; the stylist, and cover/keyboard.  Typing on the keyboard of a computer of only 10 inch screen presents some problems, but at the same time what should you expect?  


The Surface Go is a game changer for anyone who wants to be able to carry around a work worthy laptop around that has crazy good battery life and looks like something a rich person would carry around just for fun to look important.  Outside of having to buy all the extra necessary attachments, this thing is worthy of being a secondary PC for almost anyone who is considering it.