Jabra speak best for conference calls

Voice and video chat over your computer is very common both at the office or at your home office.  As more and more companies open their eyes to the benefits of allowing employees to work remotely, more individuals need to set up home offices. Staying connected while working from home is very important.  Voice and video calls from the home office to the main office or to customers is a necessity.

A common setup is having both microphone and speakers in use for a call.  However there is a big issue with using a microphone and speaker,  you can begin to cause a feedback loop and the person on the other end may hear themself speak which is very distracting.

Enter the Jabra Speak is a product that makes voice and video calls more pleasant.  The Speak is a small, round microphone and speaker built-in one.  Because the speaker and microphone are built together, there is no longer an issue with the feedback loop.  Audio played by the speaker can’t be picked up by the microphone.  Problem Solved!

The Jabra Speak makes skype sessions much easier and more enjoyable due to no sound issues.  My company often has long sessions of “office hours” where a few of us may be in a call together working on projects independently, but still like we are just a cubicle over.  The Jabra can make sessions like these much more pleasant by not only making actual communication easier but by allowing music I’m playing to not be heard by others.  Yes, that’s right, I can be playing music through the Jabra, and my coworkers not hear it on the call!

I love my Jabra, and highly recommend them.  I have a USB wired version, but Jabra also offers Bluetooth versions. Some models come with a handy, padded carrying sleeve for business travel or working from the coffee shop.