It is time you upgrade your workstation

Spring clean work desk time…

With tech and its forward momentum, it is hard to keep up with all the advancements – if you have a home or regular office space, let me enlighten you with some gizmos to help with your everyday tasks – including reducing clutter around the place (and some fun items too)!

Let’s start with your primary desk space furniture and focus on classic black lines and styles. 

Mobile phone wireless charging

If you are constantly on your mobile phone checking emails and updates, it can run out of battery pretty quickly on the best of days, there is no need to mess with a charging cable constantly (that can damage the charging port) – as long as your smart device support it, you can charge wirelessly with the CHOETECH Wireless Charger – it is a fast charging stand that puts out 7.5W and is compatible with iPhone 11/Pro/Max/XS/Xr/XS Max/8/10W and fast wireless charging for Galaxy Note 10/S10/ S9/ S8/ and more. You can find this at

There is also a version for your vehicle that makes hands free operation much safer, and lack of silly wires (aside from the actual charger) as well as wireless charging, of course, this is available from

Computer monitor stand

Desk space is always at a premium so instead of going outwards across the footprint, go upwards with the 1home Wood Monitor Stand, it has two tiers with cable management and is a strong unit to hold a multitude of devices, there is an integrated cable management system and is available from

Widescreen computer monitor

Now you need a nice screen to go on that stand, a Hewlett Packard 32 inch monitor from covers many bases, it has a super crisp display with good connectivity options, fast refresh rate and a good color range. It is also energy efficient which can lower your carbon footprint to boot.

Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse

A good keyboard and mouse really can boost your workflow as well as comfort levels, I have always gone for the Logitech options and the MK 330 from is a nice solid set, it has a fairly long range with the bluetooth connection and is great to type upon, being wireless a little usb transmitter plugs into your computer and pairing is complete. The keyboard and mouse operate on 2.4 Ghz and multiple sets can be used in the same environment as they have different connection bandwidths.

Grandix 3 tier tray

Paperwork is still in use and a tray to sort your incoming and outgoing pile is required and a sleek unit is available from – it has space-saving attributes and can be split up into sections if required.

Magic note cubes

Cool color revealing sticky notes are available, they start off black and once written on with the included tool, rainbow text is revealed to brighten up any work day

Problem solving mug by Twisted Envy

Utilise this mug to solve any problems, ok, not all but it is a good start for some fun in the office and is a great vessel for your tea, coffee or hot beverage.