Here’s office tools you need on the go!

On your daily commute to the office traversing the way on foot, by bicycle, with buses or via trains, planes, automobiles and more, a sure fast way of keeping your work tools and smart devices secure and safe from accidental damage is required, as well as this – there is the factor of carrying the bag for prolonged periods of time.

Gone are the days of going to work with a briefcase, sure, people still do and good on them but times have changed across the ‘workspace’, which office work, once traditionally was. 

As well as travelling to a central workplace, out of office work is sometimes focused on meeting clients at their own workplaces, travelling to different sites; sometimes to remote mobile offices themselves of their own with a central HQ that needs communication with.

Getting the caboodle of work tools to your office location – wherever it might be, can at times be an arduous task, but it does not need to be an uncomfortable experience with the use a lightweight but strong backpack.

The Wenger 600638 IBEX 17″ Laptop Backpack is a multi-utility solution to every-day work movements and logistics being a lightweight unit with a ‘Quik’ pocket to hold small smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and power banks securely.  There is a computer pocket with a spongy surrounding that contains Comp-u-Flex to keep your (up to) 17” laptop in a tip-top condition. This also couples up to the Air-Flow back padded material to keep you back cool on extended trips and loads, your shoulders are also protected with the additional shock-absorbing shoulder pads.

So that’s the smart devices stowed away safely, there are also three main storage areas in place for additional items and belongings with the overall package and footprint being cabin approved for Easyjet and British Airways carry on luggage.

The Wenger 600638 IBEX 17″ Laptop Backpack is available in a myriad of styles to suit your chosen attire with the following styles:


iBex black leather:

iBex slim black

iBex black ballistic

iBex carbon fibre

iBex slim black ballistic

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