Great wireless keyboard: Logitech Craft

If you’re a diehard fan of mechanical keyboards (high profile clicky-keyboards) let me save you some time and money. For an excellent mechanical, check out the SteelSeries Apex M750 instead. If you’re on the market for a beautiful, powerful membrane keyboard (quiet, low-profile), read on.

The Logitech Craft is a slim, quiet, backlit wireless full-sized keyboard. And it is the best.

I appreciate that some users require the speed, feel, precision and tactile feedback of a mechanical keyboard’s higher profile switches. They offer more “travel” when you press each key. Some find that membrane keyboards feel too squishy and don’t give your fingers as much information about which keys you’re pressing. I come from a different perspective.

My daily driver is a MacBook Pro, so I’m used to the low-profile, the quiet typing, and the soft feel. The only times I felt lost on a keyboard have been when I’m in the dark and there’s no back lighting. I’ve had that with every Apple external keyboard. You’d think that the company that got me hooked on that feature could deliver it everywhere. But that’s where Apple fails me, not only for desktop keyboards, but for mobile devices like the iPad, as well. This is another place the Craft shines: it’s a wireless that can quickly and easily pair with three devices at a time. You can switch between your desktop, phone and tablet with an intuitive tap of a button. The craft offers both Bluetooth and USB dongle pairing options and it’s compatible with Mac and PC.

An external keyboard became a requirement for me when I adopted a multiple monitor setup with my MacBook Pro. I needed to elevate my laptop screen to eye level, but I also needed to have my hands close to the keyboard.

Wired keyboards just don’t make much sense to me these days. And the versatility of the craft allows me to work on multiple devices and multiple screens with only the smallest adjustment.

The Craft is quiet which is important to me so I don’t drive my colleagues crazy when I take notes during teleconferences. The battery life is plenty for me: 10 days at full brightness. And the charging port is USB-C, a standard that will last a while.

The crowning jewel is the creative tool — a mechanical dial/button on the upper left of the keyboard that can be customized to perform the functions you need in most applications. Logitech calls it the “crown,“ a bit like the bottom/dial on the Apple Watch. Creative workers will really appreciate the added power of this tool when working in Adobe Photoshop or Creative Cloud suite. It’s a weighted mechanical wheel that feels perfect for fine adjustments.

There are some cons to this keyboard. It’s wide and heavier than some portables. For me that makes it perfect for home use. If I were to travel with it, I’d look into a third party protective carrying case.

The crown creative tool isn’t perfect. I used to hit it accidentally and start playing music from my iTunes collection — not exactly what you want during a conference call. But you can customize its functions with Logitech’s proprietary software. The company pushes out updates, which tells me they’re continuing to invest developer time into this new class of keyboard functionality.

OK, here’s where I hesitate to recommend the Craft. It’s expensive. If you need a great keyboard at a lower price point, don’t worry: there are plenty out there.

But make no mistake: this is the best keyboard I’ve ever owned. I’ll go out on a limb to say it’s also the best you’ll ever own. I’m not saying it’s worth nearly $200 — that’s your call. (Note: the price has dropped to as low as $169, so keep your eye out for deals.) But I am saying that once you own one, you’ll have a tough time going back to whatever you were using before.

The Logitech Craft is a sleek full-sized wireless backlit keyboard that pairs with three devices at a time. It features an advanced creative tool that will ease your workflow. Expensive but worth it.