(Great Gift) Electric wine openers

A couple of decades ago, high-end corkscrews were all the rage. Elegant designs and fancy mechanics made everyone look like a pro when opening a bottle of wine. Times have changed, and new products have come on the market that are inexpensive, attractive, and reliable: electric wine bottle openers.

To operate, you place the cylindrical device over the neck of the wine bottle, press a button, and the opener does the rest. You’ll need to hold the bottle steady because otherwise, it will just spin. The device requires a little traction.

Electric corkscrews come with a variety of extras. The foil cutters are handy for removing the aluminum foil. While not essential to uncorking, removing the aluminum gives peace of mind to users concerned about ingesting aluminum.

Some come with aerators that let your wine breathe, opening up the full flavor profile.

Most come with a built-in charging base that also functions as an attractive and unobtrusive way to store the tool.

Some are single-color cylinders, while others are flared, translucent, and even lighted!

Sets range in price from as low as $15 to as high as $100. If you’re unsure, it’s probably not a bad idea to get a cheap one to start.

These coveted gadgets are popular from young adults to seniors. Sure, there are people who turn their noses up at them. “The old ways are the best,” they’ll say. They prefer the simple elegance of the traditional barkeep’s corkscrew. In my experience, however, it’s just too easy to screw up uncorking a great bottle of wine. There’s so much variety of corks, in shape, size, and quality. And frankly, nobody wants to drink a glass of excellent wine with bits of cork floating around.

So I’m happy to let the traditionalists do their thing. For myself, I prefer something where you can’t go wrong: a reliable system that extracts the cork securely every time.

Just be prepared for a little gentle ribbing. These cylindrical devices vibrate and make noise, and there’s bound to be a little laughter the first time you put the tool into reverse. After removing the cork from the bottle, you can reverse the device to deposit the cork for reuse. It’s fun and entertaining. You’ll see!