Google’s Project Fi

The cell phone industry has long been competitive with a few large brands at the top of the heap. Everyone knows that Verizon has the best network and Sprint has unlimited data at a relatively low fixed price, but now other competitors are entering the market to stake their claim. Google is now one of those competitors, coming out with its service called Project Fi. Over the course of Project Fi’s brief existence, Google has continuously improved the program’s offerings and pricing, with their latest update being no exception.

The original premise of Google’s Project Fi was to provide a flexible plan that would allow users to pay $10 per gigabyte of data used, plus a talk and text fee per user. Google has maintained this featured plan, but now also offers unlimited plans with pricing based on the number of users. The unlimited data plan comes at a cost of $70 per month for one user, $120 per month for two users, $150 per month for three users, and $45 per month per user for plans of four users or more.

With the addition of the unlimited plans, Google has taken the opportunity to enhance its flexible plans. Previously the flexible plan charged a $20 talk and text fee per user in addition to the variable data charges, but now the talk and text fee is based upon the number of users. Flexible plans with one user still pay the original talk and text fee of $20 per month, but now plans with two users only pay $18 per user, $17 per user for three users, and $16 per user for plans of four or more users. These flexible plans are very affordable for users who use small amounts of data each month, or who have access to wifi when using the majority of their data, as only data on Google Fi’s LTE network is charged the $10 per gigabyte usage fee.

Other benefits of Google’s Project Fi include 24/7 tech support that functions as well in practice as it sounds on the surface. In addition, Project Fi doesn’t have contract requirements, which maintains your flexibility of choice. If needed you can also easily switch between different Google Fi plans. The service also comes with an easy to use mobile app which lets you track your data usage, so flexible plan users can manage their monthly cost. Regarding phone choice, Project Fi users are able to bring their phone to Google Fi, or choose from one of many affordable and relevant options offered. From low prices to flexibility and quality customer service, there are plenty of reasons to consider Google’s Project Fi the next time you compare cell phone carriers.