Google pixel watch on the go

Google’s long-awaited Pixel Watch seems to have been on vacation for a long time and as a matter of fact, it’s been sipping margaritas and tanning in the sun since 2016. In my opinion, this will absolutely for sure be the closest alternative to the phenomenal Apple Watch and I bet my money it will give it a run for its money. The two biggest cell phone operating systems phone companies will finally go toe to toe and I truly believe that all the accumulated information Google has saved throughout the years is going to put Apple in the position to innovate their devices even faster if they want to stay as king smartwatch. Like most of the smartwatches out there it will be equipped with a heart rate monitor and of course an enhanced from the beginning. The purpose of a smartwatch is to give users core smartphone functionality at a glance and in a simplified form. I can check basic health information, quick-scan messages, and see who is calling. It should give you a break from your phone and save phone battery in doing so.


Reports suggest that 1 GB of RAM will be on board and that will immediately move towards the top of the pack in smartwatches and the power plant will be a Snapdragon Wear 3100 which could lead to a pretty responsive device.

Health and fitness

Health and fitness are a must-have in the smartwatch feature world and Google is taking their phone to the next level by releasing a brand new fitness assistant called Google Coach. Google is also far off into development into an app named health and wellbeing. This app will recommend workout routines, track progress and recommend alternatives if you don’t achieve your goals. Gathered information about your exercises will be used by Google Coach to give you suggestions and tweak your workouts.

Ever in a rush or spend a lot of your time throughout the day pulling your phone out of pocket just to turn around to put it back in. Imagine having reservations placed If you’re having a language barrier have no fear your watch has the ability to live translations and transcriptions translated words appearing on your watch’s screen and removes the need to keep having to pull your main device out of your pocket. Recording and later go back and have it translated as well. All of this could be used right at the ease of your wrist. I personally have a Galaxy Active 2 and it’s amazing especially if you care about things like your health. But the biggest downfall is the use of Bixby. Bixby is Samsungs attempt to go against other assistants such as Siri and Alexa. It’s an inferior assistant so finally, we may have a worthy assistant that has been focusing on growing Google Assistant into the king of search engines for what seems like forever. I recommend being on the look-out for this game-changing smartwatch