Get a better office chair

Let’s do some math, most people work for a minimum of 30 years at 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year.  That’s 2000 hours a year for 30 years (60,000 hours) The equivalency of over 2,500 days of a person’s life.  Anyone with an office job will spend about 90% of their job sitting at a desk, and for most people, the sad fact is that the chair they will be sitting in will be incredibly uncomfortable.

Frustrations in life are inevitable, but a big part of our frustrations comes from us not choosing to control the things that we can control.  Life will get a lot better for most people the moment they figure out the things that matter to them and consistently do whatever those things are. 

Most people who work in an office would never consider bringing their own chair to work, they are likely too concerned with what people would think about being considered the weird guy in the office because he took in his own office chair.  The simple answer to this is twofold: One. You are way too concerned with what others think of you. Two. You are vastly underestimating the value of a good chair, and what it can do for your overall health and attitude.

When an office is put together by a company they choose desks, computers, and chairs that will best fit most people they will likely hire.  Which makes sense from a company side of thinking, but does not yield a comfortable outcome for any person who falls even slightly out of the norm of “average build and height”.  So what happens all too often is a larger person gets stuck with a chair that cuts off circulation and has no lumbar support, and a smaller person’s feet don’t even touch the ground while sitting in the same chair.  No one wants to even be at their job in the first place, why torture yourself by allowing it to be extra uncomfortable. 

So you have been convinced that you should bring your own chair to work, congratulations on making a smart decision (you should consider doing this more often by the way)

That brings us to picking the right chair for you.

There are countless options, and everyone is different, but if you are going to go with a chair, might we suggest the Herman Miller Aeron. They have every size you can imagine and make it so no matter if you are big or small you can adjust it to your every need.

Many might say spending 800 dollars on an office chair sounds ridiculous, but do I need to point to the math again that says that’s exactly what you should do.

A quality chair can last you 10 years, that is 20,000 hours of work.  At 800 dollars that is 0.04 cents an hour to sit in a comfortable chair.

Stop being dumb and choose a better life for yourself.