G9 Mouse removal from Logitech

Everyone has that mouse that they used in the past that they remember fondly. They love it so much that oftentimes it comes up in random conversation. “Oh wait, maybe that’s just me.” For most people, it seems that their connection to the GUI of their computer can be any mouse that has a back button and left and right-click, but for those who are like me (snobby and ridiculous) we require far more demanding realities.

The perfect mouse was created many years ago by Logitech, it was the G9 laser gaming mouse. It had everything you needed; two different outside covers for different hands, quick sensitivity adjustment controls, a perfectly placed back and forward thumb button, a dynamic scroll wheel with free and notched options while offering side scroll, and of course custom adjustable weights inside.

For me, this isn’t a debate. It was perfect… it is perfect I still use it for the past decade even. But time has taken a toll on the perfect mouse, and it’s becoming more clear every day that I must replace this beautiful piece of technology. As I go to Logitech to find the g9 or newer version of it im shocked with the harsh reality that they discontinued the mouse long ago, and offer no comparable replacement like it. While still trying to talk myself down from the ledge I asked myself “what should I look for, what should I do now?”

This is where shopping on the internet will never be the same as the store. A mouse is a very personal tool, you use it so much and so often that it feels like a part of you. Browsing casually isn’t possible if all you feel when clicking is an awkward feeling of disgust because the mouse is clearly a piece of crap (likely made by Razor) and just constantly gets in the way of your browsing pleasure. If you could see it, touch it and try out the mouse you would have a much better picture of just how much disgust you will feel with each click of this new mouse.

What to do? Go to the store? Or shop on the Internet?

See and that’s when I realized I was asking the Wrong question… The question should be, “why change at all?” And their I had my answer, I already knew I had the perfect mouse, why not just buy the same one. It didn’t take me long to find offerings from people on eBay willing to sell it for over hundred percent markup, even have an amazon supplier offering it brand new for $299 (which originally was $100).

So what is it worth to me to have the perfect mouse brand new again in my hand over a decade later? $198 winning bid on eBay 2 days later. The moment I unboxed it, perfection again. As tech moves forward we keep talking about what is new, but in some cases, just like this one, for me, it’s about what is old that matters.