Everything you need to know about the Aukey PB-Y22 10000mAh power bank

Aukey and Anker occupy the same space and both do their jobs well providing consumers with reasonably priced charging and electronics options. However, the Aukey PB-Y22 stands on its own and is quite likely the most perfect portable charger out of the two companies’ offerings. 

Featuring all the input/outputs a person could need, the PB-Y22 is a jack of all trades. Included with the 10000 mAh battery is Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0 with a standard USB port, USB-C power delivery at 18w, and a lighting input are all featured making this charger unique among many offerings in the space. Whatever your charging solution is, the pack can accept the cable to charge. No more carrying a micro USB cable you’ll never use outside of charging your battery pack.

In addition to the inputs, the pack can be charged via PD OR Quickcharge, which means even faster recharges of the battery pack when the time comes.

As for output, you’ll find 18W of USB-C power delivery, which is enough for most things (including a Surface Go with USB-c adapter and Nintendo Switch). The PD will also charge your current iPhone and Pixel devices, while the Quickcharge is there for your Galaxy needs. Sadly it was not quite enough to power my Surface 5 but it made a gallant attempt.

Higher power output isn’t the only trick up the sleeve of this little brick. The PB-Y22 also includes a lower power mode for charging juice sipping accessories such as smartwatches or wireless earbuds. The pack will sense a low power device automatically and drop the output to match so as not to overcharge or damage the target.

In the field, I’ve taken this charger on several trips so far. I have one for myself and one for my wife and the versatility of this pack has been a lifesaver. We often travel with a couple of tablets, my surface go, and of course our phones. This single package takes care of all of those devices with a bit of power to spare for a day of travel. A real bonus is how light and small this charger is. With the size a little bigger than a pack of cigarettes, and weighing in about 8oz, my wife has no complaints about it being in her purse, and it doesn’t add any weight to an already heavy tech backpack. I was able to drop my bulky 21000 mAh behemoth in favor of 2 of these and still come out ahead in versatility and weight.

With its size, weight, available inputs and charging outputs the Aukey PB-Y22 10000mAh power bank is likely the first portable power bank option you should consider, it’ll be the first (and last) power bank you’ll need for a good bit.