Ever wonder why there are 3 cameras on 1Phone11 Pro

Commercials have been abuzz showing off the new iPhone 11 Pro.  One of the notable points is the new 3 cameras.  That is three; one. two. three.  3 cameras on the rear of a phone seems ridiculous to me, but the battle between Apple and Samsung rages on.  For anyone that isn’t a purist or fanboy of iOS or Android, they choose a new phone for the other features that matter.  Processing speed, screen size, bevel size, and a number of other features to compare.

Increasingly, one of the technological battles between iphones and samsung phones is to have the best camera.  Besides just taking selfies or photos of your kids and pups, people are using their mobile phones for real photography.

The base model iphone 11 only has 2 rear-facing cameras, a 12MP wide camera, and a 12MP ultra-wide camera.  This is a change from previous models equipped with a wide and telephoto lens to allow for added depth in photos.

The iPhone 11 Pro model is the phone you are looking for with 3 cameras.  In addition to the wide and ultra wide cameras, it adds an additional 12MP telephoto camera to the rear.  Options on the camera cover 13mm, 52mm, and 26mm in equivalence to 35mm cameras.

“With these three cameras you have incredible creative control,” said Apple’s Phil Schiller during the stage presentation. “It is so pro, you’re going to love using it.”

Software ties the cameras and lenses together to make some magic and help you get the shot you are looking for.   Switching between the cameras is a breeze, and the phone makes it easier because the sensors on each camera are sharing info all the time.

Apple choosing wide, telephoto, and ultra wide shouldn’t come as a surprise; this is a common setup for photographers to carry in their bag.  The iphone 11 pro now gives the option all in one device.