Digital cameras are the move

Digital cameras have moved on hugely since they first arrived in 1995 for the home user, the first prototype digital camera was actually the Eastman Kodak back in 1975, the camera was cobbled together from some Motorola parts and a Kodak movie-camera lens, Steven Sasson, the engineer who created the machine then added some newly invented Fairchild charge coupled device (CCD) electronic sensors, the resulting machine was the size of a toaster and weighed some 4kg. The camera took a black and white picture with a resolution of .01 megapixels, this was revolutionary at the time and took a whole 23 seconds to take then process the actual picture (imagine the shutter lag there…). Whatever the breakthrough, it was seemingly totally missed by Kodak as they still developed and therefore relied on the traditional camera film to carry forward the business and name.

It’s funny if you consider the number of devices that now have one or more cameras installed right into them, from mobile phones and tablets PCs, gaming consoles, ATMs, CCTV, door entry systems, street security, dashcams and even baby monitoring systems..let’s not forget the Hubble space telescope with its 1500 Megapixel camera, you can pretty much get snapped and take a snap anywhere these days!

Here we now come to DSLR cameras, A digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that combines the traditional style optics and mechanisms with a digital imaging sensor – combined with modern technology these types of cameras can offer incredible optical density with very fast multi-shot processing. We all have a mobile smartphone in our pockets or nearby, pretty much all the time, ready to shoot nice family pictures or even capture bizarre weather, the power is right there and ready.

These little devices are great but limited due to their low resolution and lack of functions, you can step it up a little with a standard digital camera but still, if you want to take great pictures what do you do? You get a DSLR, of course. 

I have had many digital cameras by different manufactures but now rely on Canon for my needs, the EOS800D is a very capable camera, if you are upgrading from a standard digital camera or know your way about these modern marvels, you cannot go far wrong with this piece of kit.

Not only does this camera sport a 24.2 Megapixel lens capacity but full HD movies can be shot, fast movement is kept up due to the superior onboard processing capabilities, the optical viewfinder is bright and adjustable for all eyes. The camera can connect to a compatible smartphone or tablet PC for image sharing with remote control function too.

Ok, this all sounds a bit heady (you may be thinking) well actually the system including the menus are pretty intuitive making it quick and easy to scroll through and set the functions, with this, there are the physical buttons and dials that have been set out to work at optimum positions.

This camera really does pack a lot of punch and with any pro-level camera, a lot of options and shooting styles can be set. If this is all a little too much for you being new to the camera and system – you can simply set to ‘Auto’, and click away… there is little worry for wasting camera film as the images are held on a removable SSD digital flashcard, any dodgy or not so optimum pictures can be deleted very quickly with the controls on the camera body and the lovely 3” touch screen, you will be amazed when zooming in on the images taken with this device – the screen itself flips out and around which is an impressive addition. 

There are the standard shooting functions as well as landscape, sport and macro for really close objects – with the standard lens all these styles are possible but as this is a pro-level camera, you can interchange with a plethora of lenses including the telephoto additions for very long shots suitable for nature.

If you have read this review this far then perhaps it is time to update your photographic hardware and get top notch photographs with HD video recordings too!

The Canon digital camera EOS 800D Body with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens, Eyecup EF Camera Cover, R-F-3 Wide Strap, EW-400D Battery Charger, LC-E17E Battery Pack, LP-E17 power cable and user manual kit is available from