Content-aware upgrade with photoshop

For years one of the most powerful tools in the professional photoshopping basket is the autofill with content-aware enabled.  This has saved a lot of trouble and has allowed creators to edit photos with speed and ease. Adobe just informed us that the new settings allow for a significantly better experience and time-saving upgrades.  Some of the big changes coming include Ease of modifying selections, and live previews before pushing changes.

The three major new features that are game-changers for Content fill are Auto, Rectangular, and custom sampling area options.

Rectangular is the same old system that most are aware of and experience now on photoshop 18.  They have improved the simpleness of selected areas as well as the preview function of the potential outcome, but by in large they have not changed a lot about this setting.  For those of you who like how it functions now will be happy to know they don’t have to kiss the old way goodbye completely.

Auto is the new system that allows users to have the program automatically select the area around what it thinks is the object you are selecting and replacing it with pixels similar to the pixels right outside of the selected space/object.  This makes speed and ease of use a massively upgraded possibility for pros and regular users. 

Custom is the one feature it seems most pros have been waiting for since the tools inception.  This system allows users to have full control over the sampling area. Users can choose an object or section and then easily select only the parts of the image that they want the Content-Aware engine to pull from to build the new pixels around.  The ability to control this along with the live preview functions added make for this tool to be more consistently used by professionals in the field. Prior to this upgrade the Content-Aware Fill option just was not good enough for most high-end pros to use day in and day out, these upgrades change that for most advanced users.