Communication with your squad

Whether chatting with your fam or getting ready to quest some dungeons, you need to stay in touch with your people.  Group text blasts are so 2010.  These are my top 3 favorite chat applications for 2020.


Every gamer needs Discord.  All your favorite game communities can be found on Discord.  It is the defacto chat app for gamers.  You can set up your own community for your team, guild or family, but I highly recommend you also find other communities to join.  There are all kinds of powerups you can find to customize your discord channels, some paid, some free.  There is also Discord Nitro for extra premium benefits to really get you to love Discord.


I use Riot all the time for work.  For those that do not already know, Riot is an open source chat application built on top of the Matrix system.  Matrix touts itself as “An open network for secure, decentralized communication.”  This main feature of Matrix is why my work uses the app for all major communications.  We value the privacy we can have when using Riot and Matrix.  You can easily create an account on and get started in a few minutes.  For more technical users, you can set up your own Matrix Synapse server, and self host all your team’s communications.  For those looking for optimal privacy, this is the best choice.


Keybase is another chat application focused on encryption and security.  Keybase touts its “Secure groups, files, and chat for everyone!”  It allows for the encryption of files and chats.  You can get started in a few minutes by download Keybase, and setting up your account.  There are public group chats that you can search for, and you can, of course, make a group or private chats for your friends.