Choose the best Domain Registrar in this world

When buying and hosting a domain, depending on the provider, can make your experience amazing, or downright awful.  The amount of companies in the domain reselling business has grown over the years and the offerings and promises vary wildly.  But after my long search and trying to find the best combination of support, price, and product I have finally found the one service that beats the rest (and it really isn’t even close)

So many providers in this business are all about the upsell, it clearly becomes their biggest priority, which makes sense if you understand how little they make per registered domain name.  But the problem with the upsell and the forced nature of it is that it openly deteriorates the user experience at every level of engagement. The trade-off for most of these companies must be good enough for them to continue down the path of splashing upsells all over your face until you finally give in.  But as a user, it is the last thing i want from a service like this. The service needs to be fast and consistent and most of all priced and controlled correctly.

The service that is head and shoulders above the competition is Name Cheap (

If you are looking for great service and pricing that can’t be beat, Namecheap is the place to go.  Their biggest upsell is already built-in free service which is whois guard which makes the owners’ information private and is for free, FOREVER.  Other competitors offer this service for oftentimes more expensive than the domain registration cost per year. (which just shows how little they make per domain.)  But this feature of Namecheap’s puts them on a different level than every other provider automatically.

They have a mobile app for most platforms and allow users to load accounts for payment in many ways including bitcoin, PayPal, credit card.  DNS control and setting up your domain for hosting is also a breeze compared to most major competitors, they worked hard to improve their UX over the years and as someone who in the past was frustrated with their service I’ve fallen in love with their new upgrades and entire platform.  There are still some wonky weird things that could use some labeling and improvement, but nothing is perfect. 

In a world that is hard to find great online niche product services like this don’t do what I did and use many other competitors before I switched.  Just save yourself some hassle and go ahead and start using them now. You will thank me later.