Business calls at Home?

If you work from home or frequently participate in business calls at work, the Jabra 510 is an immediate upgrade for many.  The Jabra 510 allows you to not have to worry about noise from your speaker playing back through your microphone. This all in one speaker and microphone immediately takes your conferencing game to the next level.  The main benefit is the clarity of sound from a device that does not sit right at your mouth. I can have the Jabra 510 up to 18” away with little to no audio degradation heard on the other side of the call.  Another benefit is in a call that I may be only passively participating in, I can have a video or music playing in the background and no one participating is none the wiser.  

The Jabra 510 does come with a few downsides. The main downside is that anyone around you or in your near vicinity can hear any call you are on as well as any other sound that you are sending to your system speaker. An additional drawback is that the sound quality is just not that great for anything other than basic music.  In many cases where I sit down and watch a movie at my desk, I pull out my headphones in order to better enjoy the immersive experience as well as overall better sound quality. I also need to bust out my headphones if anyone is around that I do not want listening to my current music, conference call, or any other video I may be watching.  

The Jabra 510 (link: is an amazing device for someone who works from home and participates in even the occasional call for work. It is a device I recommend to anyone who participates in calls over the internet either through a desktop or laptop, both see the benefit of the Jabra 510 (link: