Best Drone for Black Friday

Okay everyone, I just recently started messing around with this cool little drone and its awesome. The DJI Tello drone. This small drone with a built-in camera and the ability to connect it to your smartphone makes a great entry point drone. It allows you to easily learn how drones work while also helping you learn how to fly safely. There are built-in sensors for collision detection that shuts the drone off instantly when it feels you have crashed. I was pretty impressed with this since it worked flawlessly every time for me. I think it may have to do with the Intel 14 core processor that’s housed inside this little beast. You can even go to the settings in the app and make this drone do flips in the direction you swipe! Not only that, but it records in a 720p and you get that same transmission live to your phone so you can fly in first person.

Throw and go is a cool feature where you literally just what it says. You Throw and well, go. So even if you don’t have a good place to take off you will be able to fly with ease. The 100m distance was a little shorter than what I’m used to but nevertheless, it was pretty far before it gave me a warning that the signal was getting low. With the amazing 20mph speed makes this drone one of the most fun drones I have messed with. And with a 13-minute flight time, it’s all too impressive.

But what makes this drone really special, is that for the Tello EDU there is a mobile programming app that supports Scratch. You can command Tello to perform corresponding movements just by dragging coding blocks on your smartphone. You are also able to create software for Tello. So even if you are advanced you can get really creative with it. So even if you are a kid or adult you will most definitely have fun with the Tello. You can get the base product for only $99 which makes purchasing this drone so much better.

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