BeatsStudio3 over-ear wireless headphones

I am the kind of person that doesn’t feel the need to use headphones unless I’m at the gym and want to drown everyone out. I’ve only used headphones that were included with my cell phone in the past. I never felt the need to purchase “nice” headphones until my upstairs neighbor moved in. Their son plays video games and feels the need to yell at the top of his lungs. I am a student and my office is conveniently located right underneath his room. So I decided it was time to upgrade to some noise-canceling headphones. I did some research on Amazon and found the Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones. They had a ton of colors to choose from, It was nice to have some options even though I ended up going with solid black. They were a bit pricey, about $350, but the reviews were great, so I decided to buy them. They came in very nice packaging, sleek and very modern looking. The case for the headphones is all black with a red Beats logo which makes them look super expensive. I guess that makes sense considering the price. When I first connected my headphones to my iPhone, it automatically named my headphones so that it was easy for me to find and connect to them in the future. The Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones have amazing noise cancelling capabilities and they make the music sounds amazing. I literally can not hear my neighbor anymore and can now do my homework while in my own noise cancelled world listening to Drake. The battery life is amazing as well, I don’t even have to charge them for days, it’s fantastic. I can also control phone calls and my music from the side of the head phones, it’s quite convenient. The headphone cushions are very comfortable and completely cover my entire ear and they don’t crush my earrings into my neck when I have them on which I appreciate. I have so far enjoyed the Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones. I think I would totally recommend these headphones to anyone and everyone, totally worth the price.