Airpods VS Galaxy Earbuds

The battle continues, Apple Vs. Samsung! In 2016 Apple released the original AirPods, with Samsung not announcing anything until 2019 with the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Of course, shortly after it was announced, Apple released the new 2019 AirPods.

Of course like always, Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds are giving Apple’s AirPods a run for their money. Similarly to the AirPods, they are in-ear, truly wireless headphones. They have a magnetic charging case that can give them a boost if you are on the go and seamlessly integrate with the Galaxy Phones. Unlike the AirPods, the Galaxy Buds can charge wirelessly. And the Galaxy Buds cost a bit less.

It’s truly hard to miss the Airpods when they’re dangling from someone’s ear, they rest inside the ear similarly to Q-tip sticks out down your ear. The AirPods are currently only available in white. Were as the Galaxy Buds are slightly bigger and protrude more, but they sit nice and snug in the ear thanks to different wingtips that can be swapped out for a better fit. The Galaxy Buds come in three colors black, white or yellow. The fit and comfort level is all individualized based on the shape of your ear but from my experience, the AirPods seem to be a bit more comfortable, especially for a longer wear time due to the lightweight.

With both options staying in place for a day’s activities like commuting and workouts but the galaxy buds felt more secure due to the tighter hold. How the AirPods sit it makes it easy for them to fall out if you brush up against them with your hand. With neither of them being fully water-resistant but eh Galaxy Buds have an IPX2 rating which means for those heavy intense workouts they would withstand the session.

Samsung has really gone the extra mile to do more of the research needed to come out with a truly wireless headphone because they were among the best scoring Bluetooth headphones per consumer reports has ever tested. From a sound perspective, the Galaxy Buds really highlight nuances across the audio spectrum for playback that is significantly clearer and more dynamic than what the Airpods can Produce. The ongoing “which is better” seems to be more of a personal preference than anything, many people are all about a brand and will tell you all the reasons as to why Samsung is better or why Apple is better. But in this case, it seems like Samsung has made a might stand with the Bluetooth Galaxy Buds.