AirPods Pro: What to know before upgrading

If you liked Apple AirPods, you’ll love the AirPods Pro. Yes, they cost more, but they provide a phenomenally different experience. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a key component in the equation, but it’s not the only one.

Noise Cancellation that works

Until recently effective noise cancellation required a lot of money and bulky over-the-ear headphones. Then came some expensive in-ear headphones that required extra in-line gadgets. The good ones worked great, and the bad ones weren’t even worth the price. As a new generation of ANC earbuds comes to market, Apple delivers a product that ticks a lot of boxes. The AirPod Pros are small: a little wider than standard AirPods, and with a wider carrying case, but a profile that doesn’t stick quite as far out of your ear. If you’ve been waiting for a friendlier form factor, your time has come. Beyond looks, bulk, and price, these things do a great job of knocking out external sound.

Designed for safety

One drawback of completely shutting out the outside world is you miss cues — like the sound of that dump truck backing up that’s about to hit you. That was never a real problem when you had to be attached to your home stereo with the previous generation of noise cancelling. Apple has adapted and makes it easy to blend in some external sound with your high fidelity music. If someone taps your shoulder, you can hear what they’re saying at the touch of a button.

Adjustable fit

I’m one of the lucky ones. The standard “one-size-fits-all” AirPods actually fit my ears. That’s not true for a lot of people I know, which makes the basic version useless. The AirPod Pros, on the other hand, come with little silicone covers that help seal out external noises and keep the good stuff inside. The Pros come with three sizes and instructions for finding the right fit. The convenience of easy pairing and bluetooth audio is now open to a lot more people.

Can you hear me now? (Yes!)

If you’ve got an iPhone, you’ll certainly want to be able to talk on the phone using your noise cancelling earbuds, too. Some other brands distort your voice so others can’t hear you well. In my opinion, you want an all-in-one tool that can whatever job you need at the time. These fit the bill.

Upgrading to AirPod Pros is not a decision to take lightly because they’re expensive. For users who have been looking for noise-cancellation, now’s the time to grab a pair. They’re a lot cheaper than the Bose ones you could have bought a few years ago, and they do a lot more. Their water and sweat resistant and have a 4.5 hour battery life. You can recharge as you go in the travel pack. If the old AirPods didn’t work for you, you might be pleasantly surprised by the Pros. Check ‘em out! You’re ears will thank you.