Adobe XD: Collaboration

For years the best service for designing and prototyping websites and apps has been XD from adobe. It is free to download and use. It truly is a wonderful piece of software that helps designers make things come to life and allows for UX testing before a drop of code is written. But there are a few long-awaited updates to bring the software to the level of elite and making it truly special.

Some of the biggest long-standing gripes about the XD software kit is not being able to add hover effects on objects as an interaction in prototyping, as well as pinning layers to the tops or sides for any adjusted screen sizes. But easily the biggest problem with the software is the fact that it has no collaboration features that function in any meaningful way. Since early 2016 the Adobe has been promising incoming features to make this solution far more complete and finally for those who have waited patently the wait is nearly over.

Coediting is coming to Adobe XD

The feature its going to allow users to share co-editable documents, so designers will be able to work directly on the same project file that a UX person is working on even at the same time.  The change is a massive upgrade and means teams will no longer have to worry about merging changes by each person who is contributing to the project. (this is going to save teams countless hours of frustration in not having to merge)  The save history feature will make things clear for each user that changes have been made, as well as a live view of your co-worker’s editing in progress being shown live in document.

Tooltip add-ons alongside color-coded user actions will help more than two users edit simultaneously and know which user is performing certain actions. As remote work becomes more commonplace and the global demand for designers continues to climb it isn’t hard to see that XD could end up being a massive loss leader for the company that drives more and more professionals into their vast product line. No matter what it means for the future of the company it’s clear that many current users of XD are incredibly excited about this new updated version of something they use so often in work.