Adjustable height desks are the Future

People buy themselves comfortable cars all the time, or they modify them so that they are more comfortable. But almost everyone who works in an office setting spends more time at their desk than they do behind the wheel. Everyone has come to understand that sitting is the new smoking, and back pain is the cancer that eats away at the bottom line of businesses everywhere. The answer isn’t just in “standing desks“. It is in adjustable height desks that can adapt to any employee, any time of day, without disruption or difficulty. 

The adjustable height Float by Humanscale is the one to get.

Sure, they’re expenses. You’re paying for quality. Nothing beats the smooth, fast, nearly silent height adjustment mechanism. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives including motorized and mechanical adjustments. The motorized ones can be noisy and are almost always slow enough to make you think twice before making any adjustment. The mechanical ones can be clunky, loud, and cumbersome. Sometimes they even require more than one person to manage them. 

Humanscale calls it their patented “counterbalance mechanism,“ but you don’t need to understand what that means to appreciate how well it works. If you want your workers to take care of themselves, and be truly productive in the workplace, you need to give them tools to inspire creativity, comfort, and ease of use.

Human scale desks come in a variety of sizes and tabletops can be ordered in various colors or Materials range from durable industrial forms to attractive woods suitable for executives. You can even custom build your own desktop and attach it to the Float frame. I had a woodworker build me a beauty out of custom walnut that’s just gorgeous.

These desks are beautiful. That’s not the reason I recommend them. When we started installing these in my office, they created a real buzz. Workers would compete for a chance to try them out and use them for themselves. They’d even adjust their schedules to try them out. When different workers swapped in, the amazing height range meant that we could accommodate workers of almost any height, age, gender, or physical ability within seconds.

But that was just the beginning. What emerged was a culture that blended productivity with creativity. Our team members started to get creative with finding the sitting and standing solutions work best for them. And they started to share ideas and strategies for getting things done. In an indirect way, this culture shift even changed how I did things and went to the adoption of new software for team productivity. These conversations simply weren’t happening before.

In the end, our company realized that sitting and standing desks weren’t for everyone. Not everyone has an adjustable height desk, and not everyone wants one. But ergonomics matter. The desks we bought were a great investment. Even if we wind up having more of these great desks then users of all their features, they are still durable and adjustable tools of the trade that will serve us well for a very long time.

Life is too short to keep workers grinding away in uncomfortable one-size-fits-all furniture. It comes at too great a cost to their health and their productivity. So, experiment with unleashing their ingenuity in the service of self care and see what that does for your business culture.