Cable Management

Does the picture above start to make your OCD itch?  Don’t worry, we can help with that.
If you have been annoyed by all the unsightly wires protruding from your computer desk or TV stand, we can help.

Cable Management Box

The cable management box is great for placing surge protectors in it and running all power cables through the hole and into the box.  They are made of lightweight plastics and made specifically for this use.  Some places on the internet will suggest just using a shoebox with decorative paper wrapping to make it look nicer.  I do not suggest this method as plastic is less reactive to heat than paper or cardboard.  Using a cable management box, does a great job of hiding the source of many of the woes to managing power cables.

Velcro ties

Velcro ties for cable management are the real power house of cable management.  Temporarily binding wires together is key to good wire management for desks and entertainment centers.  We recommend getting a fresh start by unpluggin everything and  going slowly directing wires to the equipemnt or plug they need to be attached.  Once everything is neatly plugged in, begin using the velcro bands to gather wires and bind them together.  You can also use the velcro ties to attach wires to desk legs, or other items to try and hide the wires out of sight.


Wire and cable management sleeves are a new tool for me to use.  After years of using velcro ties to tie wires together, I decided I needed a cleaner look.  Although the velcro ties did a good job of keeping the wild “birds nest” look at bay, wire sleeves can really give a clean look when the wires can’t be completely hidden.   I now use both the velcro ties and sleeves for an optimized look.  Start with the ties, then completely wrap the group of wires to make it as if it is a single cord.

I prefer the kind of sleeve that can be cut to length depending on personal usage.

However, there is also an option that is cut to specific size, and uses zippers to open and close the sleeve.

Whatever you do, remember