2019 Amazon special event

The Amazon Hardware event of 2019 took place yesterday, September 25th.  There were lots of speculation about what would be revealed at the event, but here is the most exciting news from the event.

New Line of Echos

Dot with Clock

The Echo Dot line now has a new model named Echo Dot with Clock.  Very clever name.  You guessed it, it now features a dimmable digital alarm clock on the front of the device. In addition to the clock, the LED display can show a countdown or weather.

At only an additional $10, it likely makes the upgrade from Dot to Dot with Clock an easy choice on your next Echo Dot purchase.

Echo Studio

The Echo Studio is for those of you looking for higher end sound while having all the smart speaker features.  The Studio is meant to rival Google’s Nest Max and Apple’s HomePod.

Echo Buds

Everybody is in on the wireless earbud game now. The Echo Buds feature Bose’s Active Noise Reduction Technology and access to Alexa hands-free.  Battery life is listed as 4hrs of call time or 5 hours of music.  Additionally, the buds come with a case that holds up to 3 charges.

Echo Glow

Basically just a night light toy for kids.  Seems like a pass at $30.

Echo Frames

Beta and invite-only for now.   The frames are Alexa enable glasses.

Echo Loop

Also beta and invite only. Ok this one is kind of neat.  Mainly just because I feel like a spy using a ring as a phone.  Starting at $129.99, the Loop is an Alexa enabled smart ring that can help you know if your rabbit can eat pancakes and allow for calling.

Eero mesh WiFi Router

Adding Alexa to their Eero aquisition was inevitable.  Now here it is.

Amazon Smart Oven

Smart fridges, smart microwaves, now smart ovens.  Amazon has now revealed the $250 combination convection oven, microwave, air fryer, and food warmer.  Pairing with an Echo allows you to give voice commands.  You will still have to cut the onions though.

The thing I’m most excited for… Samuel L. Jackson replacing the Alexa voice. Oh, and it comes with an explicit option.   For a small fee,  $0.99, you will be able to add different celebrity voices to your Alexa.